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After some life changing events in 2011, Studio Manager, Jay Bachochin decided to share his talents, experience and imagination with the world. Jay is extremely talented in graphic design, film editing and over 25 years of printing/marketing experience. But the key is that he is a people person. Not a bad set of ingredients to have.  Jay enjoys working on any project and the more challenging the better.  He takes the time to understand what each person
is looking for so that they can have the perfect printed design for whatever occasion or create a personalized
video that make special and thoughtful gifts.  Best part, you get direct communication with Jay himself, instead
of settling with the standard templates on other on-line companies.

Our Name

Personally, Jay is a family man. He and his wife live in Wisconsin along with their two daughters and son. Because
they are family oriented, the name Chum Bucket was brought to life from their comedian of a son who is daddy's little buddy, pal, friend and chumley.  His nickname 'Chum Bucket' stuck and served to be the perfect name for their studio & designs.


Professionally, Jay is a movie creator, graphic designer and has over 25 years experience in printing & marketing. 
They use the most current Adobe Creative Suite for design and movie creations. Jay is very creative and can turn something boring into something exciting and pleasing to the eye. Katie is a teacher at a local school and offers her creative expertise, proofing, suggestions and crossing all the t's and dotting the i's on your project.  She is also a very good videographer who mans camera 2 at weddings. Together, they have all bases covered and your project will get done correct and on-time.

Chum Bucket Studios offers high quality visual products from color digital prints and creative movies.  They can
also preserve your old media by digitally transferring them to DVD.  Just imagine being able to watch your
wedding video or those old home videos again, or watching your grand parents when they were children back in
the day of 8mm reel-to-reel.  Better yet, imagine listening to that old LP or Cassette Tape on your .mp3 player.

How about a high quality movie creation for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or tributes?
They can also take all of those pictures  and video clips that you have stored on your computer and turn them
into a memory video, or create a vacation video using pictures and video clips from your family trip. So if you
already have video footage, they can edit your video for a professional piece to enjoy our your TV or to share on YouTube, Facebook or Your Website.  How about your HD 1080i footage you take with your cam corder, camera,
or phone?  Where do these go, into the abyss of your hard drive?  Chum Bucket Studios can take your
HD footage and author it onto a Blu-ray disc so you can watch those precious moments in High Definition.

Chum Bucket Studios' expertise in videography & film editing will have your eyes wide open and mouth dropped. It's like watching a Hollywood Movie. They use multiple cameras, steady cam, angles, close ups, surroundings and pay close to details.  They use Blue Tooth Wireless lapel audio so the audio is 5.1 surround crystal clear audio. It all gets edited together to give you a professional presentation.  If you're local and within driving distance from their studios, they offer their professional videography services for any occasion, just contact them.

The sky is the limit with Chum Bucket Studios. Whether you need marketing for your business or a video for
a loved one, they can come up with the ideas, because, “It all begins with a lil' imagination."

"I just wanted to personally thank you for visiting our page".


Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Thank You

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