Dust2Digital Media Conversions

Media Conversions

    • VHS Tape
    • Reel-to-Reel: 8mm, 16mm
    • Super 8
    • Cassette Tape
    • LPs
    • Mini-DVDs
    • Slides

It's time to wipe the dust of those oldies but goldies and send in your media that "time forgot". Just mail us your media that you'd like preserved and we will digitally transfer it into the digital age.  You'll receive your film content on DVD and your Cassette or LPs as .mp3 on a CD in which you will be able to play on your ipod or .mp3 player. Now you can re-live those special moments once again on DVD and listen to those songs (that have not been made available), digitally on your ipod/.mp3 player. The true benefit of using our Dust 2 Digital service is that you'll be preserving  those fond memories ...FOREVER!  It's a very smart choice.
Your converted digital movies & music and original media will be returned to you or you can "go green" and we will recycle them for you.

Lifetime Moments caught on
Film & Tape

Before VHS Tape was so popular and affordable the way to capture those special moments were on 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Movie Film Reel-to-Reel.  However, since the popularization of the video tape camera, people have enjoyed the convenience of capturing the happiness of life on VHS media. Unfortunately the old means of capturing live action had a life span that nobody really thought about. If the Reel-to-Reel were not stored correctly, the environment & time will destroy the actual material of the film. As far as VHS Tapes, the quality of the picture will deteriorate over time due to friction between the VCR head and the tape. Other factors such as the environment: humidity and temperature also affect the picture quality.  Some VHS tapes over time lose the image that was once on the magnetic tape. We believe in preserving the most precious moments of life recorded on VHS tapes.  What you had recorded was important at the time, so why would you not preserve those memories forever?

You certainly don't want to see your happy memories get worn out! Be it Reel-to-Reel or VHS tapes of your kids growing up, the once in a lifetime wedding, or the unforgettable vacations with your loved ones, it deserves to be preserved.  DVD is the most economical way to accomplish this goal. Once encoded onto a DVD, you can play your home made video as many times as you want. DVDs can be played on your Blu-Ray, DVD Player, Gaming Device and PC. Windows based or Macintosh has built-in Active Movie software for you to watch your DVD. 

Dust 2 Digital digital conversions are the most common form of film/analog to digital video conversion. It ensures your videos will last a lifetime. It can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement costs but the one thing you can't replace are those memories. And don’t let those home videos degrade away, let Chum Bucket Studios transfer them to digital video and preserve your memories.

Benefits of DVD over magnetic
VHS tapes  

Will not get moldy even if you store it for a very long period of time.  Tapes will deteriorate over time and may become unplayable after a few years of storage.

Highest picture quality - Will offer the same superior quality throughout the lifetime of the DVD since they are stored digitally.
Permanent Storage Solution DVD is a much more permanent and stable medium. Digital disc have a much longer lifespan than magnetic tapes. (Approx. 100 years)
DVD format can be played on any of the DVD players or PC based windows or Macintosh equipped with a DVD drive.
There is no need to fast forward or rewind with the dvd format as chapter points make that almost obsolete.
Produce duplicate copies without any loss of quality. (Absolutely No generation loss)
Much less space is required to store Disc than bulky VHS tapes.

Excellent choice for DVD Conversion:

* Wedding Video Tapes
* Holiday Video Tapes
* Corporate Training
   Video Tapes

* Corporate

* Ultrasound Scan
   Video Tapes

* Sporting Video Tapes
* School Plays
* Baby First Steps
* Anniversaries /  
   Birthday Party

* Graduation

* Wedding Dinner

Don't let these precious moments
fade away FOREVER !

Your old media has a limited lifespan.

Digital, gives video, a whole new lease on life. Some important thoughts on consumer and corporate videotape conversion...In the past several years, there have been many small start up companies with little or no experience, national discount retail chains, pharmacy chains, even companies that offer "all-in-one" units for purchase or lease, all to
convert video. The sad fact is, we receive more calls every month from people experiencing problems with their videotape conversion after
doing it themselves or trusting an outside source to do a proper conversion. Sometimes video has been converted to DVD with issues ranging from generally poor conversion quality, mild to severe disk playback errors, or problems when copying or converting DVD disk
media. Some disks won't play at all after only a year or two. If the
client has gone only to DVD and the disk has been physically damaged,
in most cases there is no backup made and their video is lost. If a corporate or consumer client has converted their own media in-house, there are most likely problems with the converted media. Issues can
range from simply poor quality to digital data errors that cannot be seen without analysis but will effect playback, duplication and migration to future formats.

Even if you don't use MTS to convert your video, below are the basics
you should look for when choosing a reliable service for a proper conversion that lasts.

Why does videotape have a limited lifespan?
Videotape is composed of several different layers of materials. For both older analog and newer digital videotape, consumer or professional formats, the end-result is the same. Videotape breaks down, loosing
signal information, virtually erasing itself over time. Tape also wears
each time it is played. It can be damaged if run through a player that
has not been properly maintained and can be erased when placed next
to electronic or magnetic equipment. It is also getting harder to find reliable working playback units for many of the older analog formats.

Today's technology means longer lifespan, greater convenience,
and more use.
Unlike videotape, digital video disk (DVD) will not wear
with use if handled properly and most formats cannot be accidentally erased. It does not exhibit a slow decay of "signal" over time. If the

disk media is properly burned, labeled and stored according to accepted professional practices, DVD media has a conservative
estimated lifespan of 15+ years. It is a practical choice to store both
family video and corporate "reference" video. For media library archives, most professionals save to digital media file. It offers a wide array of formats for many different uses. Media file can be quickly and easily migrated to future formats. There are many different storage options
for media files. They can easily be shared across a networked platform. When combined with the proper indexing information and/or metadata, digital media file is a powerful resource tool.

The MTS process - what makes us different?

Equipment, knowledge and experience:
Most outside conversion companies, corporate in-house services or
do-it-yourselfers do not have the equipment or resources to convert
video properly. Video conversion seems like a simple task. It is actually VERY complex.

At MTS, we have converted thousands of hours of both corporate and consumer video content. We use the best equipment available, insuring our corporate clients get professional results while consumer clients receive the benefit of the same equipment. For each type of video
format we convert, we have several different playback options, multiple signal processor choices and the experience and tools to know which combination will yield the best result.

For DVD, we record to dedicated hard drives which give us the ability
to do simple editing/clean-up. We can record to DVD at 64 different compression/quality levels (most units can only record to 3). We have
the experience of which disk manufacturers offer the best quality media, which burners and methods provide the least errors and practice best methods
for disk labeling and storage. This insures that your DVD's work properly from the start and last their longest. As a simple scratch can irreversibly damage a disk, we very strongly recommend that a backup is made at the time of the original. As an added insurance, we make backup disks from a different trusted professional name-brand than the master.

For digital media file, we offer many options. We have the knowledge to recommend the best formats to convert your media to, for use now and
in the future. We also provide guidance on which storage and backup devices will best suit your current and future needs.

At MTS, we have the ability to convert to disk for simple viewing or video file for editing, archiving, restoration and improvement. We are always upgrading our capabilities. If you do not see the format you need converted, check with us. As of June 2010 we convert the following formats:

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C (both NTCS and PAL)
8mm, Hi8mm, Digital 8mm
Betamax, SuperBeta, Beta ED
Betacam, Betacam SP (decks equipped with SD output card option)
3/4" U-matic, 3/4" U-matic SP
1" Type-C open reel format
Mini-DV (both NTSC and PAL)
DVCAM (including full sized cassettes, both NTSC and PAL)
DVC-PRO25 (both NTSC and PAL)

Professional tape cleaning, treatment and baking services available

  • VHS Tapes, Cassette Tapes & LPs can be digitally transferred however please note that the transfer will be identical to the media supplied by you to Chum Bucket Studios.
VHS Tape
$20.00 per 2-hr VHS Tape plus $9.95 return shipping
$25.00 per 4-hr VHS Tape plus $9.95 return shipping
$30.00 per 6-hr VHS Tape plus $9.95 return shipping

Reel-to-Reel: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm
Maximum 1600 feet 8mm, 3200 feet of 16mm per DVD

$30.00 per first 50 feet, .18¢ per foot plus $9.95 return shipping

Cassette Tape
$18.00 per Cassette Tape plus $9.95 return shipping

LP (Album)
$15.00 per 60 min. LP plus $9.95 return shipping

$10.00 per 60 min. mini-DVD plus $9.95 return shipping

$.55 cents per slide plus $9.95 return shipping

  • Do you have more than one piece of media that you need converted?  Inquire about our multiple quantities with bulk rate pricing.
  • Digital Editing is not included in the above price. If you would like us to perform any editing, clean up of audio, mixes, transitions or something special to your conversions, please inquire for the additional rate.

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